Typical Applications
Pigging Solutions develops application solutions tailored to each clients individual project needs. However many applications can be handled by one or more of the following general concept pigging systems. The system choice is ultimately based on a cost/benefit analysis and takes into account both the application needs and varying system costs attributed to such basic factors as;
  • Will the system be automated or manually operated?
  • Will the pigging process be 1-Way where the pig is launched at the source and removed at the receiving destination or 2-Way where the pig is returned to a home base pig launcher after being detected at the receiving destination?
  • Will the transfer line be pigged from a single source to a single destination or is there a need to accommodate multiple sources and/or multiple destinations?
  • What type of piping will be used? Typical piping choices are Schedule 40, Schedule 10, or Sanitary Tube with material of construction being either carbon or stainless steel.
  • What are the chemical and physical characteristics and the temperatures of the products that will be transferred using the common pigged transfer line?
  • Will there be a need to flush or CIP (clean-in-place) the line after pigging and will the pig be included in the CIP process
The final choice of optimum pigging system is determined though joint application review and discussion between Pigging Solutions and the client.