Consulting & Troubleshooting
Pigging Solutions provides both preliminary pigging system design and limited off-site after sale support for installation and start-up as part of the purchase price.  For clients with limited pigging systems experience or desiring more in-depth assistance, Pigging Solutions is available to provide both on and off site design, installation, startup, and documentation services.
Many times pigging systems are part of a larger project and must be integrated into the larger project scope.  These projects are often project managed by the client in conjunction with an engineering firm responsible for the overall project scope.  Pigging Solutions is available to work with client project managers and engineering firms on the proper design of the pigging system for the specific application and the integration of the pigging system into the larger project scope.    
Pigging Solutions is also available to troubleshoot existing pigging systems that are not performing to client expectations.  Pigging Solutions will review both the process and pigging system operation and layout.  A written report is then provided stating our findings and recommendations for performance improvements.
For clients needing a properly designed pigging system design and specification for competitive bidding, Pigging Solutions will review the application needs and provide a pigging solution for client competitive bidding.
Pigging Solutions, LLC provides both on and off site consulting and troubleshooting services at the standard PSLLC Services Rates.