Pigging Application Data Sheet
The limited project information requested below is intended to make an initial assessment of the pigging application quick and easy for the client. After Pigging Solutions' review, a representative will contact you to discuss the application in greater detail. If you prefer, you may also speak with a Pigging Solutions' representative by phone at 417-685-4018. We will be happy to promptly review your pigging application and provide a solution that meets your specific needs and budget.

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Piping Material Of Construction
Piping Material: Carbon Steel Pipe
Stainless Steel Pipe
Stainless Sanitary Tube
Other   (255 Character Limit)
Piping Size: 1 Inch
2 Inch
2.5 Inch
3 Inch
4 Inch
6 Inch
8 Inch
10 Inch
Other   (255 Character Limit)
Piping Schedule: Schedule 10
Schedule 40
Sanitary Tube
Other   (255 Character Limit)
Line Length:
Pipe Tracing & Insulation: Insulation Only
Heat Traced And Insulated
Other   (255 Character Limit)
If planning To Use Existing Piping
What Is The Age?
What Is The Connection Type? Flanged
Other   (255 Character Limit)
Assessment Of Weld Joint Condition
(Select One From Each Category)
Pipe Alignment Pipe Alignment Is True
Pipe Alignment Is Misaligned
Other   (255 Character Limit)
Internal Weld Bead Internal Weld Bead Estimated Greater Than 0.030 Inch
Internal Weld Bead Estimated Less Than Or Equal To 0.030 Inch Other   (255 Character Limit)
Transfer Application Needs
The System Operation Will Be? Manual
Fully Automated
Other   (255 Character Limit)
Transfer Is From And To: A Single Source To A Single Destination
A Single Source To Multiple Destinations
Multiple Sources To A Single Destination
Multiple Sources To Multiple Destinations
Other   (255 Character Limit)
Transfers Are From And To: Raw Materials To Bulk Storage
Raw Materials From Bulk Storage To Mixing And Blending
Finished Product From Mixing And Blending To Bulk Storage
Finished Product From Mixing & Blending To Filling Or Bulk Loading
Finished Product From Bulk Storage To Filling Or Bulk Loading
Other   (255 Character Limit)
Process Information
Number Of Products Sharing The Transfer Line
List The Different Product Types Or Chemical Families Sharing The Transfer Line
Transfer Temperature
Existing Method Of Cleaning Transfer Lines Pneumatic Purging
Fluid Flush
Pneumatic Purging And Fluid Flush
Flush Media (If Applicable)