Typical Paybacks
Pigging systems normally have very rapid payback periods and high returns on investment.  Paybacks are typically less than 12 months and frequently less than 6 months.  These savings are typically generated from the following list of benefits:
  • Recovery of previously trapped and lost product
  • Reduced flush waste, disposal expense, and on-site waste treatment cost
  • Reduced off-spec product and rework expense
  • Higher and more predictable product quality
  • Improved raw material and finished product inventory and loss control
  • Lower installation costs for new transfer lines.  A few common transfer lines can be installed as opposed to a large number of dedicated lines.
  • Increased flexibility for future product growth without additional dedicated piping cost
  • Separation of plant functions by long distances.  Transfer line routings can be used that maximize plant efficiency, space utilization, and safety needs.
  • Achievement of continuous improvement, best practices, and environmental stewardship goals