Isolated Launching PLR
The Isolated Launching PLR is positioned just off the supply end of the transfer line and is isolated from the line by a Piggable Valve. The PLR is uniquely equipped with the patented Hiltap LQC quick access safety cap, full pig wiper disc relax chamber, and side entry pig propulsion. The LQC cap allows operators to gain access to pigs in less than 15 seconds and is designed to mechanically lock and remain sealed should the operator attempt to remove the cap when there is pressure in the line. This unique feature allows operators quick and easy access to pigs while simultaneously providing the utmost in operator safety and spill protection. For effective product displacement and line cleaning, all pigging systems require pigs to be compressed tightly in the transfer line. The full pig wiper disc relax chamber allows pigs to easily be inserted and removed from the line without stuffing or use of special devices to tug the pig from the PLR. And lastly, side entry pig propulsion and vent fittings allow the LQC safety cap to be quickly removed by operators without the need for piping disconnections and waiting for busy maintenance personnel to perform this time consuming task. Pressure locking access caps, pig wiper disc relax chambers, and side entry propulsion are unique features of Hiltap manufactured pigging components supplied by Pigging Solutions.