Receiving PLR
The Receiving PLR is designed to stop the pig in the transfer line just ahead of the product discharge point.  The Receiving PLR is equipped with a pig bar stop, narrow wiper disc relax chamber, and air fitting for pig return propulsion.  At the end of the pigged transfer process, the pig bar stops the pig, the pig is then returned to the Launching PLR by propelling with air, nitrogen, or liquid.  Each pig wiper discs is allowed to decompress and reorient in the reverse direction of travel by passing through the narrow wiper disc relax chamber machined into the wall of the Receiving PLR.  Proper pig wiper disc orientation in the transfer line is essential for efficient and trouble free pigging operation.  Wiper disc reorientation when changing pig direction in transfer lines is a unique feature of Hiltap manufactured components supplied by Pigging Solutions.