What We Do
Pigging Solutions is the only US company of its kind actively promoting the benefits of pigging technology directly to clients and is the industry leader in both know how and solutions. Just as our name implies, Pigging Solutions provides a single source for clients to obtain pigging systems designed for their specific application followed by the supply of every component and service needed for installation, startup, and operation.
Pigging hardware components provided by Pigging Solutions are designed to provide the highest level of operator safety and ease of use by the Hiltap Fittings division of OPW Engineered Systems. Hiltap Fittings in an ISO 9001 certified facility and manufactures every component to the appropriate industry standard such ASME B31.3 and Sanitary 3A. Pigging Solutions is the exclusive OPW distributor in the US for pigging components manufactured by Hiltap Fittings.