Piggable Tee

Smooth Passage, Minimal Residue

The Piggable Tee provides supply and discharge points in the pigged transfer line. Piggable Tees from Pigging Solutions are equipped with a short tee branch length and integrated tee branch pig bar. The design of the piggable tee assures smooth passage of the pig through the tee without hang-up in the tee branch and minimizes residual product trapped in the tee branch dead leg.

The short tee branch length minimizes the branch dead leg and residual product that can fall back into the line after the pig passes underneath. Any residual product remaining in the transfer line is therefore minimal and is pushed from the main line to the demister as the pig is returned to the pig launcher.

While the tee branch pig bars are not welded in place, the tee branch pig bar assures reliable and smooth passage of the pig under the tee branch without hang-up. With the exception of sanitary piggable tees, which have unique sanitary design requirements, the tee branch pig bar is an integrated section of the main line piping. This assures the pig bar has the same curved shape as the pipe and seamless transition of the main through the tee.
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