Product Recovery

Greater Efficiency, Greater Returns

Saving Product
Often, product that remains trapped in process piping is flushed with a cleaning media or the next product in the campaign. Disposal methods for the flushed product can range from elimination via sewer drain to hazardous waste collection.
Pigging systems help prevent the generation and handling of this unnecessary waste stream.
Reducing Flush Waste
Every pound or gallon of waste product represents a consumption increase in a natural resource for the energy and raw materials needed to replace the wasted product. Pigging systems conserve natural resources by preventing the generation of product waste.
Lowering Overheads
Increasingly stringent environmental restrictions continue to drive up flush waste disposal costs. As plant production expands, increasing demands are placed on both on-site and public waste treatment facilities.

Pigging systems reduce the generation of flush product waste which increases the service life of on-site recycling or treatment facilities and lowers the cost of municipal waste disposal.
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