CIP Pig Launcher

The CIP Pig Launcher is normally isolated from the transfer line by piggable isolation valves. This configuration provides the capability to CIP the pig and launcher independently or as part of a comprehensive CIP process. This design also allows the pig to be inserted or removed from the launcher at any time without having an impact on the product transfer process.
The CIP Pig launcher is equipped with a number of process, safety, and ease-of-use features to provide CIP cabability and ensure the highest level of safety and ease-of-use features for operators. These features include:
  • Patented LQC closure to provide quick and safe access to pigs for routine maintenance. The LQC is removed with a quarter turn and will mechanically lock and remain sealed if there is unsafe pressure in the line. Operators have safe  access to pigs in less than 15 seconds. 
  • Pig relax chamber for easy pig insertion and removal without stuffing or tugging.
  • Pig sensor for pig detection in the relax chamber.
  • Closure sensor to confirm the closure is fully engaged.
  • Special purpose inlet and outlet ports to provide are for pig propulsion and venting of air for pig return.
  • Special purpose inlet and outlet ports to provide CIP fluid supply and discharge.
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