Integrated Tee Pig Launcher


Easy Removal, Safe Operation

The Integrated Tee Pig Launcher combines the Pig Launcher with a Piggable Tee. The pig residing in the launcher is prevented from being drawn into the product flow by a Pig Stop. When an Integrated Tee Pig Launcher is used, a piggable isolation valve separating the launcher from the main transfer line is not needed. Since the Integrated Tee Pig Launcher does not use an isolation valve, it is well suited for use in systems where the product is not damaging to the pig material and a reduction in full port isolation valves is beneficial.

The Integrated Tee Pig Launcher is uniquely equipped with the patented LQC (Locking Quick Connect) quick access safety closure, pig relax chamber, and side entry pig propulsion fittings.

The LQC safety closure allows operators to gain access to pigs for routine maintenance in less than 15 seconds and will mechanically lock and remain sealed if an attempt is made to remove the closure when under pressure. This unique feature is only available from Pigging Solutions and allows operators quick and easy access to pigs while providing the utmost in operator safety and spill protection.

For effective product displacement and line cleaning, pigging systems require pigs to be compressed tightly in the transfer line. The Pigging Solutions launcher body design with the relax chamber allows the operator to easily remove and insert pigs without the tugging or stuffing needed by other types of pigging systems.

Side entry pig propulsion and vent fittings on the launcher body allow the LQC safety closure to be quickly removed by operators without the need for piping disconnections and waiting for busy maintenance personnel to perform this time consuming task.
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