Piggable Manifolds and Transfer Panels

Sound Solutions for Multiple Transfers

When product transfer applications require simultaneous movement of product from multiple supply sources to multiple discharge destinations, piggable manifolds can be used to meet the needs of this application. For example, piggable manifolds can accommodate simultaneous transfers between mixing/blending tanks to finished product storage, container filling, and bulk loading.

Pigging Solutions can provide both manual and automated manifolds. While each option has unique benefits, both provide the capability to recover product trapped in piping from any source to any destination. Both manual and automated manifolds also replace the traditional, and often unsafe, “snake pit” hose cross-connection method.

Manual Piggable Manifolds

Low cost manual manifolds provide the ability for operators to safely and easily choose between multiple product sources and destinations without the need for unsafe manual cross-connection hoses. Connections are made with articulating swivel joint arms that provide access to any product source or destination without becoming manstrung by any connections already in service. Though connections are made manually, proximity sensors on each can provide proper connection validation to a control system. When the transfer is complete, the line is pigged from source to destination allowing for the recovery of product, reduced flushing, and reduced risk of product cross-contamination.


Pigging System featuring a Manual Piggable Manifold

Automated Piggable Manifold

Automated Piggable Manifolds

Automated manifolds provide the capability for simultaneous transfer connections and product recovery pigging with the push of a button. The manifold modular design readily provides for virtually infinite future growth in both supply and discharge lines. Each module is fully preassembled and tested with all electrical, control, and instrument air wired and plumbed to control panels on each module for plug-n-play functionality.
Pigging System featuring an Automated Piggable Manifold

Piggable Transfer Panels

Piggable transfer panels enable an operator to choose making product transfer connections from a single source to any of many destinations. Following transfer, product is pigged and recovered from the source to the destination. Though connections are made manually, proximity sensors on source and destination connections can provide for integration into automation systems.



Flow Panels

Simple manifolds that are not piggable are often referred to as Flow Panels or Flow Boards. Though these type manifolds do not provide the product recovery benefits of pigging, they can be used as a hard-piped alternative to potentially unsafe hose manifold systems. Pigging Solutions can provide application specific sanitary and industrial transfer panel designs that include such features as dry-disconnects, drain pans, and arm connection verification for control systems.

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