Piggable Relax Tee and Pig Stop

Targeted Product Delivery and Recovery

Piggable Relax Tee

The Pigging Solutions Relax Tee & Stop is a cost-effective method of product recovery pigging to any of several discharge points along a common transfer line. The special tee design features include:

Piggable Relax Tee
  • A short tee branch length to minimize residual product.
  • A strategically located manual or pneumatic pig stop to stop the pig at a targeted discharge point and allow product draining through the tee branch.
  • A pig sensor to detect the presence of the pig against the pig stop.
  • A relax chamber to allow the pigs compressed wiper disc to relax and reorient for the return trip back to the launcher.
  • An air fitting to supply air at the discharge location for returing the pig to the pig launcher and purging residual product.
The Relax Tee & Stop is normally provided as an assembly that also includes the Piggable Wafer Ball Valve that eliminated residual product dead legs associated with the mainline and discharge isolation valves.
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