Relax Pig Receiver

For Efficient, Trouble Free Operation

The Relax Pig Receiver is designed to stop the pig at the end of the transfer line just ahead of the discharge point. The receiver is designed with 3 key features that provide the ability to stop the pig and return it to the home base pig launcher. These features include either a fixed pig stop bar or retractable pig stop, a relax chamber that allows the pig wiper disc to relax and reorient for travel back to the pig launcher, and a strategically placed fitting to provide the gas or liquid that will be used to propel the pig.

As the pigs travel through the transfer line, they are tightly compressed to most effectively displace product and clean the pipe walls. The relax chamber designed in the pig receiver is an important feature that allows the wiper disc to decompress momentarily before reorienting for the trip back to the home base pig launcher. Proper pig wiper disc orientation in the transfer line is essential for efficient and trouble free pigging operation.

The choice of fixed pig bar stop or retractable pig stop is based on the application. When product flows contain solids that might hang-up on a fixed stop bar, or for some sanitary applications, a retractable pig stop can be an effective option.
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