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Pig Launchers

Steps in the Consultation and Design Process

What to expect.

  • Needs Assesment. Pigging Solutions works with each client to understand their individual pigging application needs.
  • Design. We then create a custom, application specific pigging solution accompanied by a system layout.
  • Understanding. Before a client purchases any pigging system from Pigging Solutions, we assure they understand how their system will operate and what benefits they can expect to achieve.
  • Supply. Once we have armed our clients with a functional pigging solution, we then work with them to determine the scope of supply and services they desire.

Pigging Solutions can provide clients with solutions ranging from just core pigging components to complete Plug-N-Play systems that include all piggable and non-piggable components needed for a complete and functional system.

We can then supplement these products with a range of services to assist the client with installation, commissioning, and training. 

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