Engineering Firm & Mechanical Contractor Support

Working with Third Parties

Many times pigging systems are part of a larger project managed by a third party with pigging systems being integrated into the larger project scope. Incorporating pigging systems into projects in the design phase is much less expensive and will generate more rapid paybacks making the project more feasible.

Pigging Solutions works with engineering firms, project managers, and mechanical contractors to understand the application needs of their clients. We will develope application specific solutions that will lower product manufacturing costs by recovering product, reducing flush waste and cross-contamination risk, and reducing the need for high cost dedicated piping systems. Often an on-site visit to the client location is provided to facilitate understanding of the existing process. A functional system sketch is then provided which allows the engineering firm, project manager, or mechanical contractor to understand and work with their client on how our pigging system will achieve the client application objectives and provide the anticipated pay-backs.

When desired, Pigging Solutions provides consulting and troubleshooting services as well as on-site assistance with installation, commissioning, and operator training.

On-site service fees are negotiated for each project based on the level of desired services to be provided.

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